Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday - guest blog for the little white dove

Hello! I didnt see you there, you've caught me unaware. Now, where do I start? I've been so super busy with Sew-vivor these days, I have hardly thought about anything else! Rachel from the Little White Dove blog asked me to share some other WIPs with you, and I siimply couldn't refuse.

This week the hexie projects have been revealed and voting is open for your three favourite quilty contestants. Please check it out, you won't be disappointed - all of them are completely amazing! Your votes would mean so much to me (mine is called 'falling into place' - #1) and you can place your votes at the Family Ever After blog.

Now, onto the WIPs for this fine Wednesday.

I wanrted to share a WIP I have from the start of the year. I have sewn it into a top, but haven't found the time to quilt it just yet. It was put together as part of a bee through Quilt Club Australia on Facebook. I just adore it! And I love that the blocks have come from all over Australia too. If you like this block, I posted a tutorial back in January on how to make the Mega Orange Peel improv block.
Yep. Standard behaviour! Love this outtake more than the proper WIP shot.
Did you see the killer cross stitch over at Carrose Creations? 10 years in the making, this cross sticth looks oh so art deco - can't wait to see it all done!
And how about Anorina's new baby quilt at Samelia's Mum? Love those fabrics - and the pattern reminds me of slanted hexagons - or do I just have them on the brain?

Lastly, I just love the kids' drawing quilt that is being put together on the Mealy and I blog. They are so cute and a great idea to keep those special drawings forever in a beautiful quilt. Looking forward to seeing it all finished. I know it is going to be such a colourful and cherished quilt.
 Well, that's it for me, I must dash. Thanks for having me and don't forget to vote!


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    1. Thank you Sue - I can't wait to quilt it. I'm considering hand quilting it - is that mad? I'm not sure any more...!